• July 28, 2021

Buddha’s Teachings: Teaching account of the Buddha’s teaching of self-control and humility

A video explaining the Buddha to be a disciple of the Mahayana school of Buddhism has been made available for free to anyone who has a BSN account.

The account, titled Buddha’s Teaching Account of the Dhamma, has been created by a group of people who say they are “the Buddha’s teachers” in the Mahāyāna school of Buddhist philosophy.

“It’s not a video for the purpose of selling any sort of product, so there is no direct advertising to be done,” said B. Raja Srikant, one of the people behind the video, in a Facebook post on Friday.

The group, which has made a YouTube video about the Buddha, is called the Mahayanist Buddhist Network (MMN).

The group also has a website, which is still available on YouTube.

The video was made available through a collaboration between the MMN and the Buddhist Teacher Institute, a Buddhist-run organisation based in Mumbai.

The MMN’s website says it “works to promote the teachings of the Buddhist school of philosophy in India and globally”.

It also claims to be the “official online archive of the Indian Mahayanna Buddhist tradition”.

The MMTI was founded in 2007 and has more than 1.6 million members worldwide.

A version of the video for which the MMNS version is being made available, the MMNH, is available on the website of the MMNF.

The version of Buddha’s Talk, released on Thursday, states that “the Buddhas teaching has always been the essence of the dharma, it’s always been there”.

“He (the Buddha) said, ‘Do what is right, not what is convenient.

Don’t be concerned about what others think or what they think about you,'” the video explains.

“He also said that you should never be afraid of the consequences of doing something that is not right, and if you have to do something that you know is wrong, do not be afraid to correct yourself.”

The video goes on to explain the Buddha as the Buddha of “virtue”, “love”, “peace”, “liberty”, “fidelity”, “purity”, “sublime compassion”, and “discipline”.

The Buddha’s teachings are described as “the core of Buddhist ethics and practice” and the “foundation of the teachings that have become part of the Dharma”.

The video states that the Buddha “never ceased to teach” and that “a true disciple should always be willing to live a life of humility and self-discipline and not be concerned with what others might think”.

It continues: “There are two main types of selflessness: humility and discipline.

Humility is the way to act in all situations, to be willing and ready to learn the meaning of the situation, the consequences, and the path.

Discipline is the ability to manage the situation without making the mistake of being too greedy or selfish.

The two are the basis of the five virtues.

If you have the humility and the discipline, the Buddha will guide you.”

A copy of the version of Buddhism the video has been released on the MMNs website is available for download.

“I’ve made the video with my friends and family, and it’s something that we wanted to do because we love the teachings, the Maháyānas, the teachings,” Srikanth said.

“We also want to use the Buddha and the Mahaayana tradition as a platform for the Mahasakha movement in India.”

The MMNS’ website says the Buddha was a disciple “of the Mahakasaka school of Mahayāna Buddhism” and its website claims that he “was the first disciple of a modern Buddha, Mahayagama Buddha, to teach the Daimoku Dhammapada, the oldest sutras, and to teach that the Dhammadu Dhammāta Sutras should be translated into English.”

The site also describes the Buddha in the Dattatreya Sutras as the “most renowned teacher of the modern era”.

“Buddha taught the Dittatreya sutramas and the Pali sutradas, which were translated into Sanskrit and the language of the world,” the website says.

“The Dittatiya Sutrāna is the oldest and the most important sutrabha, the sutra of the highest wisdom.”

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