• August 2, 2021

Teacher appreciation gifts from medical professionals

Posted February 05, 2018 05:10:22 Many people are giving medical professionals, their staff, and others a big hug or two.

Here are some of the best gifts you can give them:Medical equipment:Cats or dogs are the perfect pet gift, so make sure your vet has a special cat or dog crate, or if you can afford to buy one, make sure it has a pet carrier and a leash.

If you can’t afford one, a dog crate is a good idea.

Medical supplies:You could always find a gift certificate for your next medical appointment or a gift card from your favorite medical store.

Or if you don’t have money to spend on medical supplies, you can always make a donation through your local church or nonprofit.

A gift card or check from your doctor can make a big difference.

You might be able to get a free exam at a hospital, or your loved one will get a discount at a health food store.

Medical software:If you can, make a medical appointment online and pay the online bill through PayPal.

If not, you could buy a smartphone app or tablet to take your medical appointments.

If all else fails, ask your doctor or a doctor’s assistant to help you.

If you’re worried about making money, it’s always best to do it yourself, said Beth Davenport, associate clinical director at St. Luke’s Health Center in Boston.

If your family is rich and you can make ends meet, you might be OK with paying your bills online, she said.

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