• August 7, 2021

When the best of classical music teacher George Jones was replaced by a teacher from another school

The golden teacher of classical guitar and piano, George Jones, was replaced as teacher of music by a music teacher from a different school, the Evening Standard reported on Tuesday.

Jones was due to leave the Royal Conservatory of Music in June, with the announcement expected to come in July.

The change will leave Jones without a permanent position, but the announcement was expected to be made within days.

Jones, who was born in England and has studied at the Royal College of Music, has been credited with the development of the music of Mozart, Beethoven and Wagner, and the modern music of Chopin, Brahms and Debussy.

The RCCM said in a statement that Jones had been appointed to the position by the Royal Academy of Music after the retirement of the current president, Sir George Jones.

The move was approved unanimously at the academy’s annual general meeting on Wednesday.

The BBC said the academy had previously announced the retirement in December and Jones had remained on the job for more than five years.

“I’m delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Jones to the RCCMA role, which will take him over from Professor Marni Evans,” said RCCMG chief executive Peter Hallam.

“His contribution to the art of classical piano and classical guitar has been a central part of my career and has helped to develop the repertoire of the Royal Society of Music and to develop classical music for many generations of fans and students.”

Evans, who is now a research fellow at the University of Cambridge, said the move was a great honour.

“Professor Jones is a leading member of the RccMA and has been the most prolific member of our group of world class teachers for many years,” she said.

“The fact that he will remain in the RAC’s portfolio as it is now reflects his outstanding work in the field and the great value to the music community that he has added to the musical world.”

The Royal College Of Music said in the statement that Evans had been a key contributor to the development and improvement of the piano and the classical guitar for many decades.

It said that Evans, along with colleagues Sir Philip Green, Sir Charles Wilson and Sir John Watson, was “the most prolific pianist to have ever worked with a classical orchestra”.

Jones is the fourth RCC MAS tutor to have been replaced by another teacher in the past five years, following the retirement last year of Professor David Williams. “

We are delighted to welcome him to the role of the new RCCMAS tutor, and look forward to continuing his contribution to our students and to the profession.”

Jones is the fourth RCC MAS tutor to have been replaced by another teacher in the past five years, following the retirement last year of Professor David Williams.

In August last year, the Royal Albert Hall in London announced that Professor John Williams would be replacing Professor David Davies as its next teacher of the arts.

In September last year Professor Sir William Robertson replaced Professor Charles Hamilton, who had been teaching for the past 25 years.

Jones has worked with the Royal Philharmonic since 1963 and is considered one of the world’s most successful teaching teams.

He has taught at the RCA and the Royal Ballet Theatre and has published six books on the music.

Jones is one of just two members of the orchestra to have served as a conductor and as conductor in the British Royal Philatelic Society.

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