• August 17, 2021

‘Bad Teacher Movie’ gets ‘Thank You Teacher’ meme on Twitter, gets a lot of positive reaction

A meme that goes viral with the hashtag #BadTeacherMovie, a video parody of the 2016 Netflix hit series, “Bad Teacher,” is now getting a lot more attention.

The meme was created on Monday and is receiving thousands of likes on social media sites.

The tweet was created by a user called @daniel_dakota, who is known for creating memes for other users on Twitter and Tumblr.

He told Mashable that the video was meant to be funny.

“It was meant for my students to get some fun, and to be a joke,” he said.

He also said that he had a few requests for his students to use it in a class.

“They wanted me to use the ‘thank you’ meme.

They were all like ‘Yeah, that’s the funniest thing ever,'” he said, adding that his students have all been super supportive of his efforts.

@david_dakeota created a video in which his students asked for the hashtag “Thank you Teacher,” and he used it to mock the movie.

It is not clear if his students knew the character, or if they were just being a little fun.

The #ThankYouTeacher meme has been used in various ways over the past few months, including for a parody of “The Hangover Part III,” and a parody that made fun of the #GamerGate controversy.

The viral meme has also been used as a way to taunt women who have spoken out about harassment on the internet, and some have pointed out that the phrase “thank you” is a very generic way of saying “thank” in Japanese.

The hashtag #ThankyouTeacher, which was created in October 2016, has become popular since then.

As of Sunday, the meme has received over 15,000 likes on Twitter alone, according to @Dakota_Tutorials.

@Daniel_Dakotas memes also include “#teach_bruise,” “thanks teacher,” and “#teaching,” all of which have been used to mock a teacher for a teacher’s mistake.

@sad_nicholas has tweeted more than 15,800 tweets using the hashtag, which has gotten the hashtag trending.

In an interview with Mashable, Nathaniel Dakota said he wanted the #ThankThankTeacher hashtag to be as diverse as possible.

“I wanted it to be about a teacher,” he explained.

“What I would love for this to be is for people to use #TeachBruise or #TeachingMoe to express their support and gratitude.”

He said the tweet will be kept active for the next few weeks as people comment on it.

“This is a great opportunity to get more people talking about this issue, so that the conversation can move forward.”

#ThanksTeacher is currently trending on Twitter.

@NathanDakottas has more to share about the #ThanksThankTeachers.

#TeacherBruises #TeachersMoe, @NathanielDakotic, @nathaniel_dalota, @dakotasa, @thesad_nick, and @nick_waltman.

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