• August 19, 2021

How to fix teacher introductions

Teachers should be prepared to introduce themselves and their students to the teachers in their classrooms, and to share personal stories with them, a new study has found.

The new research from the University of Chicago found that teachers can make introductions and share personal details that could be of benefit to their students and teachers, and the information can help them build rapport with students and teach them to be more efficient, according to the report published online Monday.

“Teachers can benefit from the new information that they are being presented with when introducing students to their classrooms,” said Emily Miller, lead author of the study and assistant professor of education at the University.

“They can then use that information to build on their own personal relationships with students, and that will result in a more effective learning environment.”

The new study looked at nearly 20 years of teacher introduction letters sent to teachers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, including those sent in 2018, and it found that the best ways to make introducers more comfortable and engaging is by including a personal story, telling the story of a student or teacher who helped a teacher or a teacher-child interaction, and sharing personal anecdotes about a teacher.

The research showed that teachers who did these three things helped their students, the study found.

For example, the researchers said a teacher introducing a student to a class can:Tell the story about the student or the teacher, such as a story about a student who was involved in the teacher’s first year, a story that a teacher had to learn to live with or the story a teacher needed to get right with a student.

Provide the teacher with a list of personal memories that the student had, such the students story about how they learned about the teacher.

Encourage the teacher to share these memories and stories with the student.

Tell the student that you and the teacher will share personal information as a way of building a strong bond.

The study said teachers can also include personal stories about themselves, such stories about their personal life, hobbies, and interests.

The findings were published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology.

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