• August 23, 2021

Teacher who created ‘happy planner’ memes on Twitter gets $1.2 million

HULU is paying a teacher a salary of $1,000 a day to write the school’s official tweets about life in Hawaii, according to a contract obtained by Bloomberg.

Hulu is also paying for the company to write “hilarious” news stories, according a separate agreement obtained by the newspaper.

The contracts indicate that the company paid for a Hawaii-specific writer to write one story about the state in 2015 and another story about Hawaii in 2016.

The contracts are part of a new pact between Hulu and the Hawaii Department of Education that was approved by a federal judge on Tuesday.

Hudson Saito, who now works at Hulu, has also been paid for more than a dozen years to write for the online service.

In 2013, he wrote about Hawaii on Hulu’s “Hawaii Newsroom” podcast, a show that is hosted by the company’s founder and executive producer, David Nevins.

Hollywood Reporter reported earlier this year that Hulu and Nevins were seeking to acquire the site, which offers content on various topics including “Hawaiian culture, politics, sports and culture.”

Hulu and Nevs company also owns several TV shows, including “The Voice,” “Survivor,” and “The Biggest Loser.”

Hudsey, the actress who co-created the Happy Planner meme, is also under contract to write posts about Hawaii for Hulu.

The contract is for five years and Hulu will pay her $600 a day for writing posts on the site.HULU and Nevin said they had not been contacted by the government about the contract.

The company has declined to comment.

Hulu has been trying to increase the diversity of its staff by hiring a handful of white people and bringing on people of color to help out with the project, a spokeswoman said.

The spokeswoman also said that Hudson, the show’s creator, is now the “lead writer on the HappyPlanner project.”

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