• August 29, 2021

Teacher desk: ‘We need to be better at this’

A teacher who works in a classroom where some students are sexually explicit has called for her colleagues to be more accountable for their actions.

The issue of sexual harassment in the classroom has been a hot topic for months, and this month the school board voted to take action on the issue.

The district has been grappling with the issue since last summer, when a female teacher at the school became the first person to be charged with a crime for alleged sexual harassment, and the school district was forced to create an interim director for sexual harassment and assault.

The superintendent and school board had called for the interim director to be appointed after it was learned the district failed to hire a chief diversity officer, a position that is supposed to be part of the chief diversity officers job.

In response to the charges, the school has hired a consultant to review the district’s policies and procedures.

However, the board decided last week to make the decision of whether to bring charges against the district official itself.

The board unanimously approved the interim Director, who is to report directly to the superintendent.

The interim director will be responsible for reviewing the district policies and practices and developing new procedures for dealing with sexual harassment allegations.

The teacher said that while she had been in the office for a few weeks, she was never asked to meet with a student, but she was asked to speak to one student and said that the district had failed her by not making her feel safe in the district.

“I’ve been doing this for four years, and it just doesn’t happen,” she said.

“We need more accountability, more accountability.

It’s been a long time coming.”

In the past, the district has made it clear that students and teachers should be able to discuss their concerns with each other.

But now, she said, the issue has been politicized and students are being told that they can report anything they want to a supervisor, a policy that is clearly against the law.

“When you have a sexual harassment situation, you need to get to the point where you can get to somebody, you don’t need to do that in the boardroom,” she added.

In her statement, the teacher said she was “horrified” by the allegations and “disgusted” by her colleagues.

“It’s not acceptable for a teacher to be on staff where a student is sexually explicit, and then have to worry about whether she will get fired,” she continued.

“We need accountability, we need a system where we can tell our bosses and our students what happened to them.”

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