• September 1, 2021

Why do teachers earn more than their colleagues?

As the UK braces for the new year, the average salary for a teacher has risen from £18,000 to £22,000.

However, many teachers still earn less than their counterparts in the rest of the UK.

Our interactive tool, The Salary Finder, provides an interactive breakdown of how much teachers earn, how much they earn and what that translates into.

Teachers are expected to teach for a total of eight years and earn £18.43 per hour.

The average salary is £23.80 per hour and for teachers earning less than £25,000 a year, it’s £20.15 per hour, according to the government’s National Salary Survey.

The median salary for teaching is £31,700, and for non-teaching teachers, the median is £39,700.

In terms of the number of hours a teacher works, teachers have the highest number of weeks of work per year at 25.6 weeks, which is also the highest for nonteaching staff.

The most common reason for not working full-time is to save money to start up a business.

A quarter of teachers say they are in a job they hate, and another quarter say they have no job choice, according the survey.

The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show the average annual salary of a teacher is £21,700 – up from £19,000 in 2011.

Teacher salaries The average teacher’s salary in 2015 was £21.70, up 3% on last year.

The national average teacher salary is slightly higher than that of the highest paid public school teacher at £24,100.

It’s also higher than the average for the lowest paid public teacher at just £19 and a fifth of teachers are earning less, according a government report.

For the lowest-paid teacher, the annual salary is less than half the national average, £16,100, but it’s higher than teachers in England’s private schools, where average salaries are slightly higher.

However there are also large differences in how many teachers earn how much.

For teachers in the lowest paying public school, the pay of the lowest pay earners is less, at £19.90 per hour compared to the average £22.40.

However for teachers in private schools the pay is lower, at just $18.80.

The Pay Scale The PayScale.com pay scale, which shows how much your salary should be, was released last year and has been compared to other countries.

It also shows how many hours teachers are expected, and the average hourly pay for teachers.

It is based on a UK Salary Survey which includes the average of the pay scales across England and Wales.

It uses the number and median of salaries of the top 20% of earners in each region of England, based on data from the PayScale website.

The report also shows that teachers in Wales earn less per hour than those in England, but that teachers are also earning more per hour in Wales.

For instance, teachers in Northern Ireland earn more per year than teachers working in the UK as a whole.

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