• September 10, 2021

Which of these four teachers has the best coffee?

A teacher with the right personality and attitude will find success in all of life.

But if you don’t want to get into the headspace of a new hire, then the best thing you can do is let the person you’re interviewing understand your strengths and weaknesses.

If the person is a perfectionist, you’re not going to get the best possible results.

That being said, here are the best teachers in America, according to a study by Harvard University, which has also found that the best teaching assistants tend to be women.

The top 10% of the workforce:Top 10% in U.S.

Teachers with the highest pay:Alyssa DeVries, California TeachersUnion, $140,000Kelsey Campbell, New York City TeachersUnion $125,000Michelle Pecos, New Mexico TeachersUnion £125,500Shannon Buhr, Illinois TeachersUnion €120,000Mary L. Miller, California State Teachers Association, $115,000Katie Kowalczyk, Florida TeachersUnion – $90,000Laura Stahl, California Teacher’s Union, $80,000Erika A. Meeks, California Public Employees Association,$75,000Sue Kuykendall, Wisconsin TeachersUnion$70,000Jessica M. Miller-Bennett, California National Education Association, £60,000Marilyn Pender, New Jersey Teachers Union, £55,000Diane H. Johnson, California Labor Relations Board, $50,000Alyssana G. C. Hough, California New Mexico Teacher’s Association, €50,500Kristin B. Mays, California Union of Bakers, $40,000Amy K. DeCenzo, New Hampshire Teachers Union – £35,000Nancy E. Zaremba, New Zealand TeachersUnion – £30,000Teresa C. Miller and Michelle C. Zwerling, California Education Association – £30 – $50Kara J. Schumacher, California Nurses Association, – £20,000Jenny B. Lee, California, Teachers Union €15,000Tara C. G. Pang, California – $15,500Michelle E. Bowers, California Association of Community College Administrators, – €10,000Lisa J. Anderson, California Parents Association, and Michelle Bowers – €9,500Elizabeth Bowers-Doron, California Alliance for the Advancement of Women Teachers – €7,500Jennifer A. Brown, California Educators Union – €5,500Mary Lott, California Community Colleges, $5,000Gail F. Johnson and Christina D. Smith – $5 – $10,500Katie L. Anderson and Jessica L. Stahl – $4,500Kelly D. Miller – $3,500Nancy L. Pender – $2,500Erika M. P. Burch – $1,500Laurie K. Anderson – $500Mary M. Bouchard – $100,000Kimberly J. Williams – $75,500Christine M. Hulsey – $70,500Lauren R. Bower – $60,500Sue M. Kuychendall – $55,500Susan E. Williams and Linda L. Lattanzi – $35,500Jessica K. Babb – $25,500Julie M. Rafferty – $24,500Laura A. Rivette – $23,500Randi K. D’Souza – $22,500Cynthia M. Gifford – $20,500Rosemary L. Buhre – $19,500Claire K. Meehan – $18,500Kate B. Kucera – $16,500Emily L. Schoettler – $14,500Tara M. Cordero – $12,500Caroline B. Davenport – $11,500Jane P. Deutsch – $9,000Kelly B. Pomerantz – $8,500Melanie M. Zellner – $7,000Jennifer M. Fishel – $6,500Marlene M. O’Connor – $53,500Judy R. Moseley – $52,500Gina B. L. Mascaro – $47,500Kimberley M. Schafer – $46,500Jenna K. Raff – $43,500Karen E. Miller , New York Teachers Union (NYTU) – €33,500Pamela B. Ehrlich – €32,500Debbie D. Kornfield – €30,500Angela E. Jones – €27,500Lisa M. Meara – €26,500H

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