• September 9, 2021

“Papa’s boy” lyrics to substitute teacher’s pet

A man whose family moved to Utah to become foster parents has a new pet, and he’s using the title “Dad” in his lyrics.

A former substitute teacher and now a volunteer teacher in the community of Elko, John Burt wrote “Papa’s Boy” lyrics for his wife’s son in their new home, according to The Lad.

The song has since gone viral on social media, and the family has been flooded with requests for help.

Burt’s wife, Julie Burt, is a substitute teacher at a local elementary school, where he is the director of student services.

She’s a former teacher at Elko High School, where Burt was also the principal.

He said the song was meant to reflect the time she spent as a substitute.

“The song was written by Julie to reflect her own time working with her son as a student assistant and teacher,” Burt said in a statement to The Associated Press.

“I can only imagine how much it will mean to the children, and how much she wishes she could have been a part of the experience.”

Burt has shared his lyrics on his Facebook page, and Julie Busser has responded to some of the more than 100 messages.

“As a substitute, it is really difficult,” Bussar said in the statement.

“When the teacher takes a call from an anxious parent, it can be very frustrating.

This song has been a huge help to me in that regard.”

Julie Burt added: “This song was just meant to be a song about the kids, not just the teacher.

As a substitute and teacher, I want to be part of making the best of life and the little things.

We have been blessed with the amazing community of teachers at Elky High School.”

A family member told ABC News that the Burts are working on a new song for their son, but they have no idea when it will be ready.

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