• September 16, 2021


The Chicago Tribune published an article Friday that revealed the high-quality teacher salaries paid to Chicago Public Schools teachers.

The article is part of a wider effort to expose the “high quality” salaries paid by CPS teachers to their students.

The Chicago Times, meanwhile, published an editorial Friday criticizing the new reporting of the Tribune article and calling for a review of the newspaper’s practices.

The two articles were jointly authored by the Tribune and the Chicago Tribune.

They are part of the broader effort to raise public awareness about the salary of teachers in CPS, including a new reporting effort by the Chicago Public Teachers Union to hold the school district accountable for teacher salaries.

“This is the first time in years that the Tribune has taken the bold step of reporting directly to the public on the salaries of CPS teachers,” said Chicago Public Union President Karen Lewis.

“The Chicago Publics Teachers Association, which represents over 1,000 school employees, is working with the Tribune to expose their unethical practices and seek accountability.”

The Tribune article was written by Chicago Tribune investigative reporter Jeff Luedtke.

It was posted online Friday.

Luedterke also reported that a CPS spokesman told him that a high school principal had made $200,000 over a three-year period.

That is based on salary data provided to the Tribune by CPS.

The Tribune story also revealed that the Chicago Teachers Union also had a contract with CPS that paid nearly $200 million to teachers for the years 2007-09.

The newspaper also reported on the salary payments of teachers for their years in the district.

That number is based, in part, on salaries paid for years after they left the district, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, which also reported the data.

The Sun- Times story, however, did not disclose that salaries paid out to teachers after they retired were not included in the Tribune’s calculations.

“These data are a direct result of the Chicago school district’s failure to disclose to teachers, students and the public the real costs of the failed teacher contract and the district’s poor accountability,” said Lewis.

The union and its affiliated teachers have called for a series of public hearings to address the high salaries paid teachers and to hold CPS accountable.

The latest news is a reminder that this is an ongoing issue that the union and the school districts teachers are fighting for, Lewis said.

“There’s an ongoing fight in our union and in our schools,” she said.

The new reporting efforts come as CPS has been under intense scrutiny for its failure to meet the federal education reform standards that were recently established to address a number of the issues highlighted in the recent Tribune article.

The CPS website also has been updated to include information about the Tribune story.

The school district is now under investigation by the U.S. Department of Education, the Illinois Attorney General’s office and a group of federal officials.

CPS said Friday that the new information will be included in an ongoing investigation into the allegations.

“We take these allegations very seriously,” said CPS spokesman Ryan Schmitz.

“As part of this ongoing investigation, CPS will release its full financial report on its current financial condition as well as its progress in meeting the reforms, which were established under the Obama administration to improve accountability and quality in schools.”

The latest Tribune article said that a recent report found that CPS teachers had received less than half the compensation that they were being paid by other public school districts in the U

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