• July 2, 2021

How to learn to code in under a minute

Golden teacher, teacher and tech entrepreneur Sam Chapple, who is a former Facebook employee, has released a book that has been praised for being the “most technical book” he has ever read. 

The book, called Code, is written in a simple, easy-to-understand language. 

It features examples and examples from real people’s coding and business experience. 

“I’ve had an incredible amount of success with my work,” Chapple told Forbes. 

As a founder of a small start-up in the tech industry, he said, he is fortunate to have the ability to develop a strong understanding of technology and business from his own experience.

The book is about how to use coding to build a business, he says, and includes tips on how to get started and how to grow a business.

Chapple said that while he was a software engineer, he was never really interested in the technical side of things.

“I thought of myself as an engineer and I just got into technology to do things,” he said. 

But after a couple years of doing coding for his clients, he decided he wanted to learn coding. 

Chapple, a father of two, began to build his business with his wife and two daughters. 

He said he decided to write the book after seeing how the tech world was changing. 

Now, Code is the second book in his Code book series.

“I feel that it’s a book of inspiration that can be applied to any industry, any field, and is definitely geared towards anyone looking to get into the tech community and really start learning to code,” he added.

“If you’re interested in learning how to code, Code can help you with that.” 

Code will be available for free on Amazon.com in the US, and in a digital edition in the UK on Thursday, November 8, priced at £9.99.

Chappel, who has worked in tech for years, said the book has been extremely beneficial in his life.

“It has helped me become a better software developer,” he told Forbes in an interview. 

“When I first started learning to write code, I was struggling. 

I was working on a team and I was having trouble learning to program in a language I didn’t understand.”

Code changed everything.

 I’ve been able to create software that can help people get a job, create their first business and do everything that you could possibly imagine.

I think it’s been the best investment I’ve ever made.” 

The software company Golden State was founded in 2012 and Chapple was a part of the team from the beginning.

He said that after a while, he realised he was not a good programmer. 

When he was asked to help out with the software, he felt he was doing the right thing.”

When I was a kid, I had never really done anything. 

So, it’s something that has kind of been ingrained in me for a long time,” he recalled. 

 “When you’re a kid in software, you’re constantly learning, you know?

 But you don’t realise how much learning you actually need to do. 

You’re constantly thinking, ‘How am I going to get this done?’ 

“Then you come to the end of your first year of university, and you realize how much time you’re spending doing this stuff. 

This is why I’ve written Code. 

That’s where I realised I needed to really work on my programming. 

I realised that I needed that extra time and effort.”

So, after a few years, I realised how much more time I could spend on learning to read and write in a more technical language.” 

Chapples wife and daughters were also very supportive of his coding.

Chappels family is also a member of Code’s Facebook community, which allows his followers to help him get coding tips. 

They have written books and videos and shared coding tutorials, and they even helped him with a new business he had to take on. 

His youngest daughter, Lulu, said that the community was invaluable. 

She told Forbes that he was very open to hearing new things. 

Lulu said she wanted to try out coding for the first time in a couple of months. 

With his daughter, Chappel said that it was really important for her to see how far she could go. 

And she has learnt a lot.

In the first week of Code, Luba was able to code a game called the “World’s Fastest Free Game”, which is currently the fastest-selling game on Facebook. 

(Chapp’s wife, Anna, and daughter, Lily, also started to work on the game, too.) 

She said that learning to use Code helped her learn how to be a better programmer.”

We’ve seen it all happen, and we’ve all learnt from it,” she said.”

The more you learn,

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