• September 24, 2021

Why teachers wear tattoos

Teachers at a rural, remote elementary school in Minnesota say they’ve started wearing tattoos in a bid to boost their social standing.

The students said they’re just following their instincts and that their parents encourage them.

They’re also using social media to spread the word about their plans.

“There’s a lot of people who see me and I think I look cool and they see me as an interesting person,” said the boy, who asked not to be identified.

“I think it’s just about being the best version of myself that you can be.”

It’s a trend that’s been going on in rural, rural American high schools for years.

“It’s like when I was in high school, the idea of going out and having a social life and hanging out with people who I’ve grown up with, it’s very exciting to me,” said one girl, who went to high school with two of her teachers.

“You’ve got to have a good social life, otherwise you’re going to be a complete dork.”

The girls said they wear the tattoos in part to help students with social anxiety and in part as a way to make themselves more relatable to others.

The tattoos are simple, but they’re symbolic of what they represent: that students are people with different personalities, said Michelle Waggoner, the school’s principal.

“In our schools, it is not uncommon to see kids wear a headband, a body suit, a jacket, a shirt, a pair of pants, shoes,” she said.

“This is what we are about.”

Waggoon said the school is taking it upon themselves to develop a social-emotional wellness program for its students.

“We’ve created a wellness program, and we are looking for kids to take part in that,” she added.

Waggone said the district has also started a “tweeting” program to give students a way for them to share their personal experiences.

The program is now being piloted at the school, she said, but the students said it was still in the early stages.

“For us, it was kind of a shock to see them be doing this,” said junior Kylie Bouchard, who said she was nervous at first.

“What do they think?

Is this something that’s going to make me more popular, or less?”

But she said she soon learned that it’s all part of the learning experience.

“When you’re in the middle of all of this stuff, it kind of just makes you want to do it more,” she recalled.

“At the end of the day, we all want to be the best we can be.

So, I’m glad we’re doing it.”

The students plan to keep up their efforts.

“People are starting to notice me, I think,” said Bouchards mom, who also goes by Kylie.

“So, I don’t know if I’m the only one who is doing it.

I think it is going to keep going, and hopefully it will be something we can talk about later in the year.”

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