• September 27, 2021

How to choose the best teacher in New Jersey

The number of New Jersey teachers who can be certified by the state is limited to a single school district, and the number of teachers who have gone through a rigorous evaluation process, such as a state-required teacher certification program.

The certification is only valid for three years, and can be revoked if the teacher’s performance fails to meet a state threshold.

“There are a lot of great teachers, but there’s a limit to what you can do,” said Chris Laskos, president of the New Jersey Association of Educators.

“There’s just so many good teachers out there, but a lot more are not certified.

I think that there’s really a need for this.”

Laskos says New Jersey’s education system is in dire need of more teachers.

“If you look at the numbers of teachers in New York City, if you look a lot at other places that are having a hard time, they’re also having a lot fewer teachers certified.

And there’s no one-size-fits-all,” he said.

Lasko believes the lack of certification is hurting the educational system.

“I think there’s so many people out there who are really, really good, who aren’t certified, that it’s just really hard to find,” he added.

Lasswell is also frustrated with the certification process.

“You don’t get a certificate if you’re not good at what you’re supposed to be doing,” she said.

“So it’s a huge waste of time, and I think it’s really detrimental to the quality of education.”

Lasslow says that New Jersey educators are not properly trained to handle the new workloads and are underperforming.

“The curriculum has changed.

New teachers have a whole different approach to teaching.

They have a different approach.

And you know what, we’re not training for it.

We’re not ready,” she added.

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