• September 28, 2021

How to choose the best teaching career in Ireland

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The latest news comes as more and more employers are using technology to automate their job processes, while others are using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to hire and retain staff.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Irish Independent, a spokesperson for the Irish Department of Education said that it was ‘totally unacceptable’ that the Government was allowing employers to be ‘creative’ in their hiring process and said it would not support such practices.

The spokesperson added that the department is ‘actively looking at’ creating a new ‘cooperative approach’ to the recruitment of teachers.

The Department of Government’s position on the issue was outlined in a recent letter to the Irish Government’s Education Minister, Micheál Martin, and published on Wednesday in the Department of Work and Pensions’ (DWP) website.

The letter was sent after the publication of the DWP’s new position paper, Education and Training in the Digital Age, which outlines how the Government plans to tackle a shortage of teachers in the 21st century.

The department said it will look to create a ‘common-sense, cooperative approach’ in the recruitment process, which will include:Creating a ‘Cooperative Workforce’ which will work with employers to identify and identify opportunities for co-op relationships;Ensuring that the employer is not penalised for employing staff who are not in good standing;Enabling a seamless process to ensure that teachers are paid for the work they do, which includes:Achieving a balanced, transparent and fair approach to the hiring of teachers;Enforcing and implementing a ‘zero-hours contract’ in accordance with the Employment Act;And setting a ‘target’ for the number of teachers who will be employed.

According to the spokesperson, a ‘workforce co-operative’ is defined as an organisation which uses a collaborative approach to hiring and hiring.

This is particularly important in light of recent reports, including by the Independent, which suggested that there are currently around 20,000 teachers in Ireland who are ‘on the brink of redundancy’.

In its position paper published last month, the DPS stated that ‘a significant proportion’ of teachers were currently being employed in remote or ‘remote-controlled’ schools, and that the majority were not able to find a job in Ireland.

The statement also stated that the Department was looking at creating ‘cooperatives’ in an effort to ensure ’employers are not penalized for employing teachers who are on the brink’.

The spokesperson went on to say that the government was also looking at ‘creating a new approach’ whereby a ‘parenting partnership’ could be created where a co-operating employer will provide teachers with a ‘tough and demanding’ work environment.

The DWP spokesperson said that ‘coop relationships’ would only be established with ‘a company that can provide them with the most competitive pay and working conditions’.

The position paper goes on to state that the DPPs goal is ‘to ensure that Irish teachers are able to work in a safe, professional environment, and a job that pays them the best possible wages’.

The spokesman added that ‘in order to achieve this objective, the Government is actively looking at the creation of a new co-ops model’.

The Minister for Education, Micheal Martin, has previously spoken out against the use of social media as a recruiting tool, saying in June that the use is ‘an absolute menace to public education’.

In February, the minister said that social media is ‘the single biggest recruitment tool for the employers of teachers’ and that ‘there are a lot of examples of how it’s been abused’.

In an interview with the Independent last week, Mr Martin said that while he understands ‘that people can have a lot more discretion in deciding where they want to work, I’m not one to encourage employers

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