• September 30, 2021

A teacher casts vegan on her class

The teacher who became a symbol of animal rights activism has become a symbol for the vegan movement in India.

Vivek Arora, a vegan, had been a teacher in Kolkata’s Siva College for four years.

He had been the subject of an incident in which two students, who were part of a group that challenged him, assaulted him.

In February 2017, he filed a complaint against the school authorities.

According to the police, the two students approached him in the corridor and asked him to stop taking their photographs.

They slapped him and dragged him into a bathroom where the other students allegedly beat him with the cane.

They also threatened him with dire consequences if he did not stop taking the photographs.

The police said that they could not arrest the students for assaulting Arora and called his case “a sensational incident”.

Arora had not gone to the court but a video clip was sent to him by his family.

In the video, the student who had assaulted him said that Arora had been abusive towards her, and that Arura had asked her to eat pork for lunch.

The teacher, in a fit of anger, responded that he had been beaten by two students and that he would file a complaint with the police.

Arora’s case was picked up by several media outlets, including The Times Of India.

The students in the video were accused of attacking Arora because he was a vegan.

When the video clip went viral, Arora’s mother filed a defamation case against the student in the Siva District Court.

She alleged that Aroras actions constituted a breach of his trust.

A few days later, the police filed a case against two students in a case that alleged that the two had assaulted Arora.

The police said the two were arrested on February 24 and had confessed that they had assaulted the teacher.

They have been sent to judicial custody.

The accused students have been given bail.

The case against Arora is still pending in the court.

“I was scared of this incident, but now I feel relieved.

The whole world has become vegan,” Arora told NDTV in an email interview.

“The incident is a shock to the whole world.

There is a lot of fear and insecurity for vegans.

We are not going to be taken seriously in the eyes of people who are against us.

It is not just a matter of being vegan.

It’s about being an equal human being.”

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