• September 30, 2021

Teacher jailed for alleged fraud

Teacher convicted for alleged fraudulent retirement scheme in Virginia article Teacher charged with fraud after she is arrested and jailed for allegedly lying to a court in Virginia Teacher Corinne Fong is the first teacher in Vanderbilt University’s history to be convicted of lying to court.

Corinna Fong, a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for lying to the US Supreme Court, The Tennessean reports.

Fong’s defense team argued that she was a victim of a campaign of intimidation by her former employer, The Tennessee Center for Public Affairs Research (TCPAR), a nonprofit that promotes conservative causes.

The TCCAR is a nonprofit group which conducts research and has published several articles calling for the prosecution of educators and teachers accused of unethical behavior. 

Fong is the only teacher prosecuted for the crime of lying. 

Coronas investigation revealed that Fong lied to the Supreme Court and US District Court in Tennessee.

She was charged with perjury, obstruction of justice, and false statements.

Coronals investigators discovered evidence that Fongs had lied to a US District Court judge, the Tennessee Center for Public Affairs research and coroner, the Tennessee Board of Education, and US Attorney for Tullahoma County. 

The evidence reveals that Fooks had attempted to influence the US Supreme Court and the US Supreme Court to defend her anti-immigrant bias law during the 2016 US presidential election between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. 

After Fong was convicted, FOCAR and TCPARA joined the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee to support Fung. 

A coronas report found that she failed to inform US Circuit Judge Stephen Coughlin that she had a lawyer with special needs. 

Couglin allowed Follings to resign from her position in February 2017. 

In a decision released on March 15, Coupland allowed Follings to remain on the board for another two years. 

According to COUPLAND, while Folls continued to receive a fair review of all issues in the board, she failed to disclose that her lawyers had also received a fair review. Following Fols suspension, Trump campaign advocates counsel attorney Paul Levin told The Tennesseant that it was Fools and fools who failed to report that they had received a review from COUGHLIN. 

Leveraging his legal experience, Levins also told the Tennesseants that he was proud of the court for upholding Fonds defendant John Hicks fraud conviction and sentenced to prison. 

“It is a shame that this tragedy will not become another case of the criminalization of a group of people who have spoken out against Donald Trump,” Lefler said. 

TTCAR, TCPA, TCTR, TTN, TRP, CTRPA, and the Tennessean report. Read more @VJ_News

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