• October 7, 2021

When Canada needs you, hire Canadians

In a country that’s struggling with a housing shortage, Canada’s best chance of finding people to teach is through its highly trained and highly qualified teaching force.

The prime minister said he’s looking for candidates to join a national apprenticeship program for teaching and learning.

“Canada has a tremendous amount of talented people in our country who can be trained in a number of fields,” Trudeau said Thursday during a news conference at his national headquarters in Ottawa.

“We need to get our hands dirty in a variety of ways to fill that talent gap.”

The prime minster says the apprenticeship will include training in computer science, nursing, physical education, social work, English, business and law.

The government will provide a pool of applicants in the form of $15,000 for those looking to become teaching assistants, teachers, principals or teachers.

Trudeau said the government also is in discussions with colleges and universities to offer training in the areas of computer science and nursing.

In a statement to the media, the Ontario College of Teachers said it has been working with the Canadian government on the training program.

“Treat the profession as a global enterprise, and you can’t have Canadians in the profession competing with each other,” the statement read.

“You can’t make a dent in the gap, and that’s what we are looking to do here.”

The Ontario College has offered up to a total of 30 positions to Canadian students in the past year, said the school’s president, Patricia Dolan.

The position is not paid and will be a part-time one-year position, Dolan said.

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