• October 13, 2021

When the teacher is not teaching, she is teaching

In the first half of this year, a teacher in New Mexico became the latest teacher to resign in a scandal that erupted in December when it was revealed she was using a class to help teach the importance of a “family-friendly” curriculum to her students.

The resignation came less than two weeks after her predecessor was forced to resign after an investigation revealed that he had allegedly used her students to help promote a conservative agenda.

The teacher, Lisa Cote, had spent almost five years teaching a class in the rural state of New Mexico, but on Friday she was fired by the Albuquerque School District.

“This is an opportunity to give back to my community,” she told students in a letter sent to parents.

“I cannot continue teaching to my students while facing allegations of inappropriate use of taxpayer funds.”

The district announced on Thursday that it was launching an investigation into Cote’s actions.

“We’re committed to ensuring that our students and our community are protected and that this is not the case,” Superintendent Joanna Wysocki told reporters.

“These allegations will be thoroughly investigated.”

Cote is one of three teachers who resigned from the Albuquerque Public Schools after the district discovered that they were using taxpayer dollars to teach a curriculum that was considered “family friendly,” which was considered to be in violation of state guidelines.

The other two teachers were suspended and have since been reinstated.

The state education commissioner and district attorney announced that the district would be investigating Cote after the school board approved her resignation on Dec. 6.

The investigation, which was initiated by the school district, was led by the New Mexico Department of Education.

The inspector general of education (IGE) was appointed to the case, and Wysocksi said the investigation is still ongoing.

Wysonsi said that her office is reviewing Cotes case.

“The IGE has received a number of tips that suggest that a certain teacher may have violated state and federal laws and that those laws are being enforced against her,” she said.

“It is the IGE’s intent to investigate whether there was a violation of law or regulation related to the use of student students by the teacher.”

The New Mexico Public School System (NMPS) said in a statement that it would not comment on ongoing investigations.

Cote was the first teacher to be removed from her position, and she was later fired from her job.

WYSOCKI: My office will conduct an investigation to determine whether there is any violation of the law or regulations related to student students.

NMPS Superintendent Joanne Wysockedi, who has been the district’s superintendent since 2013, said that she would not address whether Cote used student students to promote her curriculum.

“As the superintendent and administrator of the school system, I cannot comment on the ongoing investigation, including the fact that it is ongoing,” Wysockingi said.

She said she will make a decision “immediately” regarding whether to appeal the decision to fire her.

“What I can say is I have been deeply saddened by the allegations and actions of this individual, who should not have been entrusted with the trust of the children of the Albuquerque school district,” Wiesocksi wrote in a Facebook post.

“That is not what we are here to do as educators and administrators.

It is not right.

I cannot let my students’ future be impacted by this.”

Wysacks statement came two days after the Albuquerque Independent School District said that it had reached a settlement with Cote.

“Under our settlement, we have agreed to stop using taxpayer funds to promote a family-friendly curriculum at our Albuquerque Elementary School,” the school said in an email to the New York Times.

The district said it would continue to use taxpayer dollars “to promote a progressive curriculum that is inclusive and aligned with our values.”

“We are confident that the program we are using in the classrooms and in our community will provide a safe and nurturing learning environment for all students,” the district said.

WDS officials said they would continue working to create a safe environment for students, including by creating an advisory committee to review the curriculum and make recommendations to improve it.

The school board’s statement said that while the district has “learned from this situation,” it is “extremely disappointed” by the way Cote handled her role.

“Lisa was an exemplary teacher and we are confident in the work we have done together to bring about a positive change in the curriculum,” the board said.

The school district said that, despite the ongoing criminal investigation, Cote will not face any disciplinary action. “

While the board has worked with Lisa to ensure that we take a proactive approach to ensuring a safe learning environment, we are committed to supporting our students through the school day.”

The school district said that, despite the ongoing criminal investigation, Cote will not face any disciplinary action.

“She has been placed on leave pending the outcome of the

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