• October 27, 2021

How to write your first

article article Posted by The Globe and Mail on Tuesday, July 31, 2018 07:05:37 The Globe has been asking teachers for inspiration for the next article ever since we launched the teacher-written article in May 2018.

Since then, more than 100 teachers have written articles for the website and it has grown from a small community of 10 to more than 200 articles across more than a dozen languages.

We wanted to take the time to share some of our favorite teachers’ writing on teacher-authored articles, so here are our top 10 favorite teacher-writing tips.


Know Your Audience: “Most teachers write for students, but some also write for other groups and other audiences.

So it’s essential to find the right audience for your article.

It helps if you can outline your goal and what your readers want to hear about.

Write with an open mind and with empathy for your readers.

When you are writing a student-written story, ask yourself: ‘What would my students want to know about?

What would they like to know from me?

What are they looking for in a teacher?'”

— Jennifer Smith, associate professor of English and arts at Ryerson University.


Use Keywords to Influence Your Audiences: “The key to success is knowing your audience.

Write about what you want them to hear, what you expect them to do, and how you think you can communicate that message in a way that resonates with them.

You want to convey something that is meaningful, important, and valuable.

In this way, you can inspire your audience to want to read more.

If you can create a positive vibe in your reader’s mind, they will want to keep reading.”

— Michelle Dabbs, principal at St. Luke’s School in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Avoid Writing About Yourself: “Be conscious of writing about yourself and your work.

It can feel like you’re just writing for yourself, but it’s important to acknowledge that you have a voice.

When writing, remember to remember that you are your own writer and your audience and they have a right to be heard.”

— Amanda G. Farrar, principal, St. Paul’s School, Scarborough, Ontario.


Be Specific: “Focus on the message and your reader.

Your job is to communicate that you’re passionate about teaching and the teacher in you.

The more you talk about yourself, the more your reader will hear.

You can write about yourself to show that you care about your students and teachers, but don’t be afraid to write about other people in your profession.”

— Krista Smith, principal of Ryerson’s Collegiate Institute, Toronto.


Use Classroom Audience and Content to Inspire Your Auditors: “Your students need to feel comfortable and connected to you, so your articles should be relevant to them.

When teachers write their first article, they usually want to write for their own classroom and have a clear goal.

When students write to their peers, they want to connect with them and hear about them.

The content that you create can make that easier.

Make sure you make your students feel comfortable, but not intimidated by writing a short piece.

This is especially important when it comes to classroom learning, so students will have a greater chance of liking the article.”

— Emily Nieva, associate principal, Ryerson School of Theology, Toronto, Ontario, and president of the Ryerson College Faculty of Teachers.


Write from Your Head: “Write from your head and not from the top.

That’s when your readers will feel like they’re reading from your heart.”

— Susanne Muehlenkamp, principal and director of The Queen’s School of the Arts, London, Ontario., and president, The Queen Mary College of Art and Design.


Write a Story That Has a Meaning and an Inspiration: “If your goal is to teach a class of five students, then you want to use your student’s life experiences and experiences as a point of reference for your story.

Make it a way for the reader to feel invested in your story and how your writing is going to connect them with your students.

This helps them feel like it’s authentic, because you’re giving them an opportunity to read from someone’s perspective.”

— Mary Ann Rafferty, principal with the Arts and Humanities School, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.


Use a Context: “When writing a story, don’t just use a short story as a jumping-off point to build the story, but use a context.

Think about the time, place, and person you are talking to and how the reader might relate to it.

This will help your reader feel connected to your story, as well as your writing.”

— Elizabeth Boulton, principal who teaches at Ryusuke Sugimoto Junior College, Tokyo, Japan.


Use Your Voice to Empower

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