• November 1, 2021

How to get a salary increase from your state school district

Teacher salary in California has risen to $45,000 per year for the first time in seven years, a state school system spokeswoman confirmed Thursday.

The salary increase applies to all public schools in California, including district-owned and charter schools.

The increase also applies to teachers with advanced degrees, who have been eligible for the raises since the start of the academic year in 2017.

The California Teacher Salary Board has been considering teacher raises for a decade.

State officials said Thursday that the salary board will consider all teacher pay requests, including the 2018 teacher raise.

State Sen. Leland Yee, a Democrat, said Thursday the new salary is an important step toward creating the best jobs for California’s teachers.

The board also approved a two-year, $2.4 billion teacher training package in 2019.

The state will use the additional funding to increase the pay of all teachers in 2019, up to $75,000 annually.

A recent report by the state’s top pay regulator, the California Teachers Union, said the salary increase for teachers was the second-highest in the country, behind only New York City.

California’s overall teacher pay is the third highest in the nation.

California state Rep. Dan De Leon, a Republican, said it’s important for the state to continue paying teachers more.

The average teacher is paid $65,000 in 2018, he said.

He called the salary raise “the right thing to do” and said the state should focus on hiring the best teachers for the district.

The State Board of Education has not made a decision on the 2018 salary increase yet, said spokeswoman Katie Martin.

The $2 million teacher package, which was approved unanimously by the State Board on Thursday, includes a $500 bonus for teachers who make it through a four-year college degree.

The 2018 salary will be phased in over four years starting in 2020.

The new teacher pay will be fully indexed in 2020, so that it will rise annually until it reaches the next annual increase.

The pay will also be indexed in 2021, after which it will begin a one-year climb.

Martin said that the State Teachers Union will make a recommendation to the State Legislature next year on how to pay for teacher training.

The wage freeze in California was introduced by state Sen. Bill Monning, a member of the state Assembly and the state education committee, in 2017 and expanded in 2018.

It’s also supported by other lawmakers, including Assemblyman Jose Huizar, D-Sacramento, and Assemblyman Mark Leno, D, Sacramento.

“We need more people like teachers in our schools,” Leno said in a statement.

The union has called for teachers to be paid more since then.

The move comes as teachers nationwide grapple with a pay freeze.

In January, a group of teachers in Los Angeles and Chicago filed a federal lawsuit, claiming that their pay has been frozen for the past two years as a result of the federal budget sequestration.

Teachers in New York, New Jersey and Florida have also filed lawsuits in response to the freeze.

The National Education Association, which represents more than 600,000 teachers, has also called for the federal government to freeze pay.

The NLA said in March that a teacher salary freeze is necessary to provide teachers with the necessary support and equipment to teach in a cost-effective manner.

“The federal government’s budget cuts have led to widespread and devastating teacher layoffs and a stagnant state budget,” said NERA President Tim Johnson in a news release.

“It is clear that the best way to make the most of these budget cuts is to provide support for teachers through salary increases.”

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