• July 5, 2021

Teacher’s guide to the Buddhist Teacher discount

Teachers are being asked to make more money than ever before, and they can only make it if they work hard and don’t take their job seriously.

How do you earn enough to live comfortably?

And how much do you need to earn to earn more?

If you want to find out, we’ve put together a teacher’s guide that will help you decide if you can afford to take on the challenge of teaching a Buddhist.

Find out more about teaching in the UK Here are the top five ways teachers earn to live in the US: 1.

Teacher salary: A typical teacher’s salary in the USA is $42,000 a year.

However, in the states of California, Washington, and New York, the salary for a teacher is between $35,000 and $45,000.

This includes health insurance, sick leave and vacation time.


Teacher’s salary: The median salary in China is $60,000, and the UK’s median salary is $55,000 in 2017.

The salary for teachers in the United States is $46,000 per year, but in the same year in the EU, the average salary is €37,000 for a full-time teacher.


Teacher pay: Teachers in Germany and Australia make between $45 and $49,000 each year.

For comparison, a teacher in the Netherlands earns around $25,000 – and in Denmark, it’s £19,000 or less.


Teacher salaries: In Canada, the median teacher salary is just over $50,000 (£35,400).

The UK average is $47,000 ($53,400), while the US average is around $50.000.


Teacher wage: A teacher’s average salary in England and Wales is $45 per hour.

In France, it is just under $60 per hour, and in Belgium, it averages $55 per hour (£46 per hour).

What do you think of the teacher’s tips?

Do you think teachers are getting paid too little?

Share your thoughts below.

Originally published as Why are teachers earning so little?

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