• July 12, 2021

A vipkid in New Zealand’s Teacher Portal: What goes on behind the scenes

A vid from New Zealand shows an Auckland teacher learning how to work in a classroom with his pupils.

It was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday, two days after the school was hit by a massive power outage.

Teacher-run New Zealand Teachers’ Union (NZTU) has condemned the clip, saying it is “shocking and disrespectful” to teachers.”NZTUs members have been on the front line of this struggle to ensure that every New Zealand teacher has the opportunity to earn a living and earn a wage,” NZTU National Secretary Richard Hargreaves said in a statement.

“There are thousands of teachers working in our schools and they deserve the opportunity they’ve been given.”

The teacher in the video, who is not named, teaches at an Auckland school where he was a member of the staff, which is not uncommon.

However, the NZTUs statement also said that the video does not represent the views of NZTUS.

The video shows the teacher speaking about his experience of working in a New Zealand school, as he describes the difficulty of getting his pupils to follow his instructions.

The teacher is seen speaking to his pupils, who are wearing masks to protect them from the smoke and fumes of the school’s boiler.

He says he cannot find a suitable place to work, but says he is “happy to take their place” and the children have been following his instructions without any problems.

“I think if you look at what I’ve learnt, I can tell you that teachers don’t do a great job if you’re not there,” the teacher says.

He also claims that he is the only teacher who has been “completely overwhelmed” by the situation.NZTUS national secretary Richard Haggart says he has spoken to the teacher, and that he has offered his resignation.

He said that he hoped the video would be “a wake up call to teachers in other parts of the country”.

“This teacher is not only incredibly brave, but also really caring and caring about his students,” he said.

The NZTUP, which represents teachers across the country, said in an official statement that it was “deeply saddened by this clip”, and that the union is “reviewing all footage and footage related to teachers”.”NZ Teachers are not allowed to use their union membership as a bargaining chip to extract higher wages and other benefits, and teachers are required to adhere to all relevant laws and regulations,” the statement said.

“The NZTAU is deeply saddened by the video and will be closely examining it in the coming days.”

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