• July 16, 2021

Why the Georgia Teacher Certification Authority (GCTA) will never be the same

Georgia Teacher Certificates Authority (GGCTA), the State Board of Education (SBEO), and the Georgia Department of Education have decided to eliminate teacher certification as a qualification in 2020.

The decision was made by the Georgia Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BGLEE) and the Department of Early Childhood Education and Family Services (DECAFS) in a joint statement released today, April 28.

The board voted to remove teacher certification from Georgia’s education system as of December 2020, as well as from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s (GBI) database of suspected sex offenders.GCTAs decision is an affirmation of our commitment to protecting the safety and security of our children, staff, and students, and a continuation of our efforts to increase accountability and transparency in our schools, and ensure accountability in our communities, the board said.

The decision is effective immediately.

The GDLEE and DECAFS are currently reviewing the GDLEe’s decision.

Georgia has one of the highest teacher certifications in the country, with more than 17,000 certified teachers.

The GCTA has an additional 2,400 certified teachers on the payroll.

The certification process involves extensive background checks, background and test testing, and is intended to identify teachers who are safe, competent, and trustworthy.

The certifications also help prepare teachers to take on the challenges of our classrooms.

The GDLEEs decision is the latest move by the board to remove the ability for teachers to earn their certificates.

The state Board of Principals (BP), the state Board for Education (BEO), the Georgia Office of Student Achievement and Accountability (OSA), and other agencies are also removing the ability to earn a teacher certification.

Georgia currently has more than 2,500 teachers on its rolls.

However, the certification process has become more complex as more people seek certification.

Teachers are now required to submit annual background checks to the GBI, which is part of the state’s statewide criminal background check system.

Additionally, teachers must undergo an in-person background check with an agency in addition to the background check required for certification.

The Georgia Department is now offering a new certification for those who are ready to become certified.

The Georgia Board has also implemented new training programs to ensure that teachers are ready for the job.

The Board of Public Instruction has also increased its staff of certified teachers, who will be able to provide support to teachers and students during transition.

Georgia has one certified teacher for every 100,000 students.

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