• August 16, 2021

When the teacher doesn’t get the job done: How the world’s biggest super teacher worksheet came to be

When I was a child, my favorite teacher was the one who gave me my first lesson on the way to school.It was a classic example of a teacher-student relationship that could be both inspiring and a bit boring.But I love it.Here’s how it happened.

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When the best of classical music teacher George Jones was replaced by a teacher from another school

The golden teacher of classical guitar and piano, George Jones, was replaced as teacher of music by a music teacher from a different school, the Evening Standard reported on Tuesday.Jones was due to leave the Royal Conservatory of Music in June, with the announcement expected to come in July.The change will leave Jones without a…

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When a teacher fucks a student, he’s not a good teacher

An inspirational teacher was fired for doing just that.That’s because he was found to have “disregarded” a student’s safety when he touched her in a sexual manner.According to the Times, the incident took place on October 1, 2016, in Los Angeles.According to the report, the teacher touched a girl on the arm while the girl…

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How to learn to code in under a minute

Golden teacher, teacher and tech entrepreneur Sam Chapple, who is a former Facebook employee, has released a book that has been praised for being the “most technical book” he has ever read. The book, called Code, is written in a simple, easy-to-understand language. It features examples and examples from real people’s coding and business experience. “I’ve had an…

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