• September 26, 2021

I am a special education teaching teacher in a small town in the USA

In my role, I teach special education in a community of 1,200 students.In the classroom, I work with kids with special needs.I help them learn, but also create opportunities for their friends and family members.I teach a diverse set of skills and have the ability to make them thrive.I love my job and would love…

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How to make your dirty teacher look like a teacher

Teaching strategies can be confusing.They can also have negative connotations, which makes it difficult to apply them in a classroom.That’s why we’re highlighting some of the most effective teaching tactics, including one that can actually help your dirty teaching look like the one you’ve been teaching.

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Why you should get rid of the school nurse position

What do you do as a teacher?You are one of those educators that can make or break a school.Do you teach your students well, or do you leave them behind?What if you can’t teach well enough to keep your job?That’s the dilemma that confronts many teachers as they prepare to teach the next generation.There are…

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