• October 30, 2021

Teacher Certification is a big deal for girls

Teacher Certification, the first step to earning a job, is gaining in popularity among the girls.The practice of certification has become a hot topic in the education sector and is being encouraged by parents and parents are also joining the cause.While there is a lot of awareness about the practice among the teachers, the problem…

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How to write your first

article article Posted by The Globe and Mail on Tuesday, July 31, 2018 07:05:37 The Globe has been asking teachers for inspiration for the next article ever since we launched the teacher-written article in May 2018.Since then, more than 100 teachers have written articles for the website and it has grown from a small community…

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A teacher certification for educators

A new teacher certification program has been launched to help teachers better prepare for the profession.The Education Academy for Educators (EAA) is the brainchild of former teacher and entrepreneur Michael McManus.It has been endorsed by a number of schools and colleges including American University, George Washington University, and Washington University in St. Louis.It will be…

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Why is ‘Pa Teacher Certification’ so popular in Texas?

More than 50% of the teachers in Texas are credentialed to teach at least part-time, according to data from the Texas Education Agency.But there’s no one definition for what that means.Many schools are required to have a teacher credential in order to qualify for teacher certification.And there’s debate about what constitutes full-time or part-timers, who…

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