• October 1, 2021

How to Raise Your Salary and Teach More Effective Class Times

Teachers are making $11.85 an hour.They have more responsibilities and they’re paying more attention to students.And they’re also earning more per pupil, according to the latest data from the National Center for Education Statistics.They’re also making more money, as well, which is helping pay for their pensions and health insurance.And that, combined with a national…

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‘The Man Who Couldn’t Stop’ Trailer: See the First Trailer for ‘The Other Woman’

This week, the cast and crew of ‘The Others’ return to the big screen with a new trailer.The trailer, which will be released today, shows the film in theaters, and is set to air sometime in 2019.We caught up with the film’s stars, as well as producer/writer Brian Grazer, to get their reactions to the…

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A teacher’s retirement gifts: a teacher’s secret gifts to the people she serves

Teachers are among the most valuable assets to an institution.They have an immense impact on the lives of children, and can provide a sense of belonging to a community.As such, teachers have an enormous amount of responsibility and are often expected to devote considerable time to their students, and are highly valued as educators.As teachers,…

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