• September 22, 2021

Teachers’ salaries and the teacher grant

New Jersey’s teacher salary is set to increase by an average of 4% over the next two years, and the state is making its first teacher grant in five years.Teachers are eligible for a teacher grant that will cover the costs of uniforms, office supplies, and other costs associated with a teaching position.The money is…

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School districts are looking for more teacher assistants, but will they be the right choice?

In the past few years, many school districts have become dependent on the help of teachers to do their jobs.However, that’s starting to change.Now, school districts are also looking for better substitutes.According to a new report from the National Education Association, some districts are considering having their schools adopt more flexible work schedules that allow…

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‘Bad Teacher Movie’ gets ‘Thank You Teacher’ meme on Twitter, gets a lot of positive reaction

A meme that goes viral with the hashtag #BadTeacherMovie, a video parody of the 2016 Netflix hit series, “Bad Teacher,” is now getting a lot more attention.The meme was created on Monday and is receiving thousands of likes on social media sites.The tweet was created by a user called @daniel_dakota, who is known for creating…

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How to teach grant students to use hashtags

Teachers who want to teach students to embrace social media are now equipped with a new tool, which they can use to teach them to use hashtag-friendly terms, like #hashtag-in-the-book.This new tool is called #Hashtag-In-the, and it is developed by a group of educators in the field.They call it #hashtags-in, and they have shared the…

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