• September 30, 2021

Teacher jailed for alleged fraud

Teacher convicted for alleged fraudulent retirement scheme in Virginia article Teacher charged with fraud after she is arrested and jailed for allegedly lying to a court in Virginia Teacher Corinne Fong is the first teacher in Vanderbilt University’s history to be convicted of lying to court.Corinna Fong, a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump, has been sentenced to 20 years…

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The Nys Teach account creator

The NYS Teach account created on Thursday by one of Australia’s best-known teachers is being criticised for the fact that its author and a fellow teacher both shared the same birthday.

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Teacher discounts teach philosophy,but not history

Posted by Fox News on November 12, 2018 12:33:28Teachers are taking advantage of a $100 rebate on textbooks offered by the United States Department of Education.The department announced Tuesday that students will be able to use the $100 discount on textbooks from any teacher who has a PhD in the discipline of history.This will allow…

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Educators: We want a teacher-centric society

Educators and teachers alike want a school system that offers a teacher’s job, not a “school” where students learn by rote, a statement by the Association of School Administrators (ASA) says.The group is calling for the creation of a teacher supply store that would “give teachers and students the opportunity to buy books, supplies, tools…

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How to teach grant students to use hashtags

Teachers who want to teach students to embrace social media are now equipped with a new tool, which they can use to teach them to use hashtag-friendly terms, like #hashtag-in-the-book.This new tool is called #Hashtag-In-the, and it is developed by a group of educators in the field.They call it #hashtags-in, and they have shared the…

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