• October 21, 2021

How to Get Your School to Teach in a Pornographic Video

By now you’ve seen this: A high school teacher in Florida who has been accused of teaching pornographic content to her students is being sued by a former student.According to The Smoking Gun, this teacher was allegedly filmed on a mobile phone in a classroom where she was teaching. The school district is now investigating the…

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How to Teach in the Dark

Teacher Samuel Paty is a teacher.He has been teaching for more than 30 years.But he’s also got an obsession.His job is to find and teach the next generation of educators.He also wants to help them succeed in the world.He is the author of How to Find, Teach and Succeed in the World of Teaching: Why…

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California Teacher Who Tweeted About Getting Grilled on Twitter for Her Career Puts Her Career on Hold

In June, a former Cali teacher tweeted a series of inappropriate comments about getting grilled by her boss on Twitter about her credentials.The teacher is not being punished, but the episode forced the school to suspend her.In an interview with The Associated Press, she described it as an example of a high-profile teacher abusing her…

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How to make an octopus’s eyes bigger in 5 easy steps

When I first heard about the new teaching tool that could help octopuses to see in the dark, I was shocked.I have always loved octopi, but my understanding of their behavior was limited.In my research, I found that octopus eyes are shaped to make the pupils of their pupils dilate, creating an image that would…

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