• September 19, 2021

How to write a $1,500 student loan repayment plan

If you’ve ever written a $2,000 student loan payment plan, you probably know how easy it can be to overpay for your debt.There’s a reason you’ve been told by debt collectors to avoid it, too.The student loan debt crisis has taken on a life of its own, and as the government and federal regulators grapple…

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How to write a book review

Teacher Zoom is a tool that allows teachers to upload their own reviews of books, or any other content they find relevant.There are currently over 30 million reviews on the site, with some of the most popular being reviews of popular books.However, there’s a lot more to Teachers Zoom than just reviews.Teachers Zoom lets teachers…

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How to use this free e-book to teach your kids – and their friends – Hebrew

When I first got the chance to use the free ebook to get my Hebrew skills up and running I was immediately hooked.I’d heard that ebooks were being used in Hebrew classrooms for a while, and thought that maybe the same thing could be said of the teaching methods in Hebrew.But then I saw this…

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